Rodrigo Bezerra

Rodrigo Bezerra is a songwriter, producer and a jazz trained guitar player from Brazil.  As a producer worked great artists such as Ellen Oléria and Adriah. As a Songwiter Rodrigo has six albúns on his name and a DVD.

Ellen Oléria

Brazilian songwriter Ellen Oléria is celebrating 19 years of career and amazing
awards at music festivals as well as the albuns released by now. In her lasted
tour, she has performed in cities in from north to South Brazil and also for
audiences in Spain, France, Angola, The United States, England, Russia, Japan and

Letícia Fialho

 Leticia Fialho is one for the most inspired songwriter from her generation. She released last year a albúm "Mavilha Marginal", a acclaimed record in the indie MPB niche.

Mesa Para Três

Mesa pra Três" is a trio formed by Flávio Silva on piano, Daniel Castro on bass and Pedro Almeida on drums. Influenced by the great trios of jazz and samba jazz  from the 60's, they seek in the roots of Brazilian music and in the art of improvisation to challenge the limits of harmony and the practice of creative spontaneity.

A Engrenagem

The slam-bang combination of synthesizers and acoustic instruments played by these young
brazilian artists evokes distinct feelings, hard to put in a box. Initially formed as a jazz group, A
Engrenagem is based in constant move, transcending what is known as brazilian or world
music. More than that, their focus is to deliver new forms of instrumental music that reaches at
the same time body and mind. 

Joana Bentes

Joana Bentes is a singer, songwriter and music producer. She released her first EP "ENTRE" (2016), production of Xuxa Levy. Her process of composition is meticulous and speaks from the feminine perspective of subjects such as love, sex and existential questions. Released in 2017 the single "AQUI" counts on more than 1 million plays in Spotify. Her last single release is "O MAL VAI MORRER DE ALEGRIA" (2019), produced by herself and recorded by 13 artists from four different cities in Brazil.

Junior Ferreira

Junior Ferreira is a acordion player and a songwriter from Bahia. He cames from the tradicional of great acordion players from northwest of Brazil. Junior has played with big artists such as Saulo and Hamiltom de Holanda. With a unic voice, he just releced a beatiful album colled "Casa de Ferreira".


Adriah decided to be what was always within, getting rid of the ties built by a 15-year career in rock, MPB and pop. Now she is faithful to her creation, to what was locked deep inside her heart, and she wants to share her truth with the world. The new project named "Músicas de Gaveta" (Drawer Songs) carries songs written throughout 10 years of disenchantments and losses, expressed only by her voice and her guitars, with rich melodies and meaningful lyrics.

Túlio Borges

Once in a while an album lands in your hands and makes you wonder why more people do not take notice of it. Whether with its artful liner notes, the smooth singer’s voice and precise articulation or the lyricism and melodiousness of crafty songs, the album causes you to play it over and over and relish each new discovery. It is a surprising gift that keeps on giving and never loses its appeal.”